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Brief: classifieds module is full advertising website that fits any industry such as real estate, cars, and more. It provides various blocks which help the advertiser to market for his products uniquely. In addition, it helps the visitors to reach their needs easily by using blocks made for classifieds module (Classifieds Research) that facilitates searching by department, country or currency using the advanced search. 

Note: you need firstly to create some necessary additional items to start creating sections or adding any content. 

Firstly, fields groups consisting of classifieds items: 

For example, if the ad is for an apartment, you need to add fields like floor, rooms’ number, etc..,

These fields groups help to create the ad easily; while you are creating the ad, choose a group and the rest will be displayed to write down the ad details. 

Fields Groups:

 select (fields groups) from classifieds module list, then press (Add) as shown in the below picture: 

Enter the group title, the press (submit) as shown below: 

After that, press (list) from groups fileds groups, then (Add) beside the group that you have created as the below picture: 

The below template will show up: 


Note that when you press (List), a list of all fields groups will show up with icons (delete, edit, or delete) in front of every group.  


Adding Field template: 

-Name: enter the field name in English without any spaces. 

This box will not be shown on the website; however, it is an essential one for the CMS. 

-Title:  enter the name you want to be displayed on the website. 

-Description: enter all details that describe the aim of this field.

-Type:  there are different options of the type that you can any one of: 

1- Text: is a box in which you can add any text. 

2- Textarea: an area for entering a text in which you can use (writing editor) and add a default text that will be shown in the ad template. 

3- add the square pointing cells (checkbox), or circle ones (radio) and mark the box that is identical to  the ad. 

4- Select: add a field that contains a dropdown list. 

5- File: to upload attachments. 

6- Date, Datetime, Time: it is required to enter the maximum previous and next years. 

7- Multifield: it allows you to enter different boxes of previously mentioned ones. 

-Fields Groups: enter the group in which you want to save the field. 

Noting that if you choose a different field from the one you choose in the beginning, the field will be saved in this one. 

-Validation: you can add restrictions of the added fields, so the advertiser can not add any content without  applying the field terms. 

You may set restrictions like (character only, digits only, email, etc.,) which help in security. 

-Maximum Length: set the maximum number of characters. 

-Unique: if you activate this field, any mentioned information will not be doubled. 

-Required: press “yes” if you want this box to be shown with the content. 

-Display Order: set the order of displaying this field. 

Press (Submit) to save, or (Reset) to enter new data. 

Secondly: Categories is the second Supplemental item of the module. 

When you browse any ad, there are a group of description fields beneath the content, for example, if the ad is about an apartment, there will be a field such as the apartment type, class and other fields that summarize the ad content. 

Select (Categories) from the module list, then press (Add) ash shown below: 

The below template will show up: 

Enter the category title and if you want to set it as a required field to be an obligatory one during creating the ads.  

Press (List) to display all created categories. 

Enter any number of boxes, if the category is (apartment), you can add boxes like (type, rooms’ number, etc,.). 

You can edit or delete any displayed category as well. 

To add boxes, press (Add) in the category and enter the title and other options. 

For example, in the category (Apartment type), you can add options like (Duplex, half finished) etc,. 

Thirdly: Currencies: Dimofinf CMS V.5 is providing most using currencies over the world: 

Mark in front of the currency you want to add to the ad to show its price as the pictures below: 

The below template will show up: 

Fourthly: Countries: 

The CMS provides you with all countries and cities, choose the ones you want to add to the ad. 

Select (Countries) from the classifieds module list, then press (Add) as the picture below: 

Select the countries that you want to add, and press “Active” to be shown on the website ad. 

If you want to edit selected countries or reorder them, press (List) ash shown below: 

A list of selected countries will show up as the below picture: 

You can reorder countries or delete any one of them, and select the active one as well. 

Fifthly: Default Pictures: 

You can upload some pictures to be added as default ones when there are no certain added ones for the ad. 

Press (Default Pictures) from classifieds module list, then press (Add) as the below picture: 

The below template: 

After filling the picture fields. 

After editing previous items, now you can create ads sections and contents. 

Creating sections steps: 

Select (Classifieds Module) from modules list, then (Sections), then (Add) as the below picture: 

The below template will show up: 

-Parent Section: the parent section is the first created one. After that you can create sub sections as required. 

-Fields Groups: choose the required fields groups that fits the added content.

-Categories: choose the category that fits the content. 

-Title: enter the section name such as (Cars, Apartments). 

-Description: enter a brief about the added content to appear after pressing the section, to be shown under the section name. It is recommended to be simple and compatible with the content. 

-Picture: add a picture that reflects the section content, and it is recommended to be suitable for the block. 

-Display order: order sections to be shown on the section page as per as the order that fits your website. 

-Meta Description: all modules are provided with SEO that works as a digital marketing strategy, so that you don’t need to install extra plugins. These tools help to increase visitors and views on the website.

-Meta Keywords: keywords that are used for searching in any browser. Accurate selection of these words helps in SEO and attract more visitors to your website. 

-section color: choose a certain color of the section title, noting that this feature is not available in the default style. 

-Active: if you press  "Off", the blog will be pending and waiting for approval to be published. 

-Expiry duration: enter after how many days the ad will be ended on the website. 

If the entered number is (0), the ad will be automatically expired after 30 days. 

Noting that expiry date is mainly depend on the date when the ad is entered. 

-Deletion time: is used to set the date of deletion the ad. If you enter (0), the ad will not be deleted, noting that the deletion times depends on the expiry and addition date and the expiry date can not be before the deletion date.    

Press (Submit) to add article, or (Reset) to re enter the data. 

List advertising users’ reviews: 

The ads can be rated , by logging into the member page by pressing his name, and rate the ad. :

A template of the review will be showed. 

The member chooses the review type, then enter reason and pres (Submit)

The review is sent to the member and shown by using the control panel> modules list> classifieds> then press list published users’ reviews as the picture below: 

Noting that you can allow the member to approve and publish his reviwes be following the below: 

From the control panel> select (Usergroup manager)> List > press the icon (Edit) in front of the member’s group: 

Then choose (Advanced permissions for Classifieds) and activate the option (Can publish own review) as the below picture: 

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