Find security flaws before the bad guys do

Discover, Assess and Audit your attack surface with Dimofinf penetration testing service and keep your online business up and running safely.
Dimofinf security
Find security flaws before the bad guys do. Discover, Assess and Audit your attack surface with Dimofinf penetration testing service and keep your online business up and running safely.

Mobile App Pen Testing

Emulates an attack specifically targeting a custom mobile application (iOS and/or Android) and aims to enumerate all vulnerabilities within an app, ranging from binary compile issues and improper sensitive data storage to more traditional application-based issues such as username enumeration or injection

Cloud Security Pen Testing

Series of simulated attacks to find vulnerabilities in network services and infrastructure (network infrastructure, both internal and external-facing network devices) and / or hosting environment. We perform a huge amount of manual and automated tests on the attack surface.

Web App Pen Testing

Simulate real life attacks on your web application to gain access to sensitive data, to uncover exploits that could actually compromise the system. Our manual testing (along with our huge exploit's database) is the key to find security holes in your application.

API Pentest

Testing an API’s functions/methods, how they could be abused and how authorization could be bypassed. We also test against command injection along with other types of vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing Service helps you discover security vulnerabilities and address them by simulating actual hacking attempts on your business. The penetration testing service is carried out through 5 consecutive stages to ensure that your site / application is secured in the best possible way.

Information Gathering

The first of the five stages of penetration testing is information gathering and reconnaissance. Our pentesting team will search and collect every possible information using publicly accessible sources along with private resources .
The reconnaissance stage is crucial to thorough security testing because our pentesting team can identify additional information that may have been overlooked, unknown, or not provided. This step is especially helpful in internal and/or external network penetration testing. We use every publicly available resource along with private and darkweb records. You still can ask to avoid custom resources discovery. The information gathered is used to perform discovery activities to determine things like ports and services that were available for targeted hosts, or subdomains, available for web applications.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is conducted in order to gain initial knowledge and identify any potential security weaknesses that could allow an outside attacker to gain access to the environment or technology being tested. A vulnerability assessment is
Vulnerability Assessment is the process of discovering flaws in systems and applications which can be leveraged by an attacker. These flaws can range anywhere from host and service misconfiguration, or insecure application design. Because we know that stability and uptime of the service / web application is super critical for you, especially when running in production, we make sure that our tests will not affect your site speed or performance. If you prefer, we can perform our Vulnerability Assessment in a test/stage environment.


This is where the action happens! After interpreting the results from the vulnerability assessment, our expert penetration testers will use manual techniques, human intuition, and their backgrounds to validate, attack, and exploit those vulnerabilities.
The exploitation phase of a penetration test focuses solely on establishing access to a system or resource by bypassing security restrictions. The main focus is to identify the main entry point into the organization and to identify high value target assets. If you want, we can stop / postpone the exploitation process for custom service / part of your business and wait for further instructions from you.

Final Report

We deliver our findings in a report format. Our final report will contain vulnerabilities and impact along with security advice to eliminate these vulnerabilities and determine remediation strategies.
Once the previous stages are completed, we deliver our findings in a report format. We present the report in two formats, the first version is a short form consisting of several pages and indicates the security vulnerabilities that were discovered and the evaluation of their step in a simplified manner, while the second version is more detailed, as it includes the location of the flaws and the method of exploitation, as well as the method of patching and eliminating the vulnerability and also The impact of the vulnerabilities.


We will follow-up with you to make sure that all or a subset of the discovered vulnerabilities from a penetration test are checked to ensure they’ve really been remediated
In this final stage, we will re-test the previously discovered security holes after a specified period of time following the original assessment (up to 60 – 90 days after the findings are delivered, typically). Sometimes it will be only Critical and High priority findings that are re-tested, but most of the time this is up to you. We can provide help on patching the holes in case you can not get this done.