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Register your business idea for the “Idea to Thriving Company” program from Dimofinf in Ramadan to get an evaluation and a proposal for the needed services that will contribute to its growth and development. If your idea is innovative enough, you will be one of our five winners who will get the opportunity to win a full package of our inclusive services that will turn the idea of your dreams into a successful and profitable reality.

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  • Demofinf pledges to preserve intellectual property

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to know more about “idea to thriving company

    Know the terms and conditions?

    • 1: The number of winners is five

    • 2: The five winners will be chosen at random

    • 3: Ideas will be evaluated to determine the most creative by the relevant team

    • 4: The best idea: You will get our full range of services for free

    • 5: The following four ideas will receive special offers on the required services

    • 6: Dimofinf pledges to keep the idea confidential and maintain its intellectual property

    • 7: An idea program for Sari Company, valid for a limited time

    • 8: The program is for new customers only

    • 9: We do not provide any financial funding for projects

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    to know more about “idea to thriving company