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                To access these options follow the path:

                Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Watermark Options

                A group of options will appear which are:

  • Enable Watermark

In case of enabling this option whenever a picture is uploaded it will be watermarked, the watermark will be either the typed text in “Watermark Text” field or the previously uploaded image.


  • Watermark Type

There are 2 types:

  1. Text: For using characters and symbols as watermark.
  2. Image: For using an image as a watermark, the image should be uploaded by ftp to the following path:



  • Watermark Font Name

The name of the font that will be used in the watermark text

The fonts directory path is:



  • Watermark Font Size

The font size that will be used in the watermark text


  • Watermark Text

Type the text you want to type on the pictures (in case you enabled watermark property from “Enable watermark” option).


  • Watermark Stroke Color

You can add the color code by double clicking inside the code box, and choose the color you want to be displayed as a stroke for the watermark text.


  • Watermark Fill Color

Type the code by double clicking inside the code box and choose the color you want to fill the watermark text with.


  • Watermark Position

You can set where the watermark to be added to the uploaded pictures, for example: top left of the pictures, top right of the pictures…etc.


When changing the watermark to another text or image it will only be applied to newly uploaded pictures, the previously uploaded pictures will stay without change.

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