Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers provided to you by Dimofinf is the perfect solution for large websites that require a hosting service that can endure intensive performance and consumption of server resources.


Dimofinf provides a variety of high-quality dedicated servers that make a perfect solution for large websites and performance-intensive applications. Dedicated servers provide a more reliable and manageable environment than shared ones; this is mainly because a dedicated server works independently and with an operating system fully dedicated to the client. Besides, it hosts only the website(s) of the client. Thus, a dedicated hosting service is the most convenient and cost effective choice for large websites that need more than what shared servers provide.

We're always happy to offer you guidance with regards to the most suitable dedicated server for your website, just contact our customer service and provide your website data and we'll be more than happy to assist and offer you the specifications of the dedicated server most suitable for your website.

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Dimofinf offers several levels of management for dedicated servers that match the number of websites to be hosted on the server. Management options will be displayed as one of the steps of ordering a dedicated server.

Management levels

Whenever you order a dedicated server you are automatically offered this level of management; it includes the following services:

Troubleshooting hardware issues (e.g. RAM or hard disk issues); and offering free replacements.
Troubleshooting network issues, offering regular monitoring and maintenance.
Retrieving the login credentials for the server; if lost.
Reinstalling the operating system.
Troubleshooting system boot failure.
A professional technical support team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and one that is always ready to help you.

Note : This level of management excludes: website transfer service, backup service or scripts troubleshooting.

Number of websites: (minimum 1, maximum 20)

Benefits and Feautres:
Website transfer, complete configuration and installation, in addition to, checking and ensuring that the data has been transferred correctly.
Ensuring scripts computability with Dimofinf security system
Complete reinstallation and configuration of the operating system.
Removing unnecessary/unused features and services.
Removing unnecessary users/groups.
Installing Dimofinf firewall software to block unnecessary ports and filter inbound and outbound traffic.
Restricting access to the server control panel except through Dimofinf internal network.
Implementing a protection system against disturbed denial-of-service (DDoS) flood attacks .
Installing, configuring and improving the performance of: Apache, PHP, MySQL, FTP and Mail Server.
A thorough checking and filtering system provided by Dimofinf for webpages designed to prevent attacks, hacking and scamming.
Detecting hacking attacks and stopping them through the systems implemented by Dimofinf.
IInstalling cache systems for better browsing.
Activating secure access to control panels and file managers (Mail, FTP, cPanel).
Instant server programs updates and setting them up to be automatically updated.
Providing immediate updates and patching for security vulnerabilities and ensuring they are fully fixed.
Nonstop (24/7) monitoring of services and server performance through Dimofinf monitoring system which allows immediate intervention by Dimofinf technical team to fix issues before the client even realizes them.
Fully controlling the server through the technical team (the server owner, subscribed in this advanced server management level, does not have access to the control panel) to guarantee an optimal level of protection and to allow the server owner to be fully dedicated to manage his website.
(As mentioned above) The availability of a highly skilled and professional technical support team for 24 hours a day /seven days a week.

Number of websites: (21+)

Benefits and Feautres:
This type of management provides a highly advanced level of technical solutions:
Windows servers
DNS servers
Email servers
MySQL Replication
Load balancer
Cache server

Some of these advanced solutions are mainly for websites of heavy content and/or with huge traffic.
This level of service is also provided for shared hosting services; number of websites: 21+.

Advanced Server Management - Level
Advanced Server Management - Level