About Dimofinf

Dimofinf company is the first hosting company in the region and the first Arabic CMS content management system and provided the best hosting services and servers with the highest technology in addition to Dimofinf CMS, Its Saudi company and official partner of the largest Data Center in Europe



Dimofinf was one of the first companies who offered programming and web design services in the world as it started offering its services in 1998 and ever since, it has been offering servers, hosting and content management programs services in state of the art technologies and it is considered a leading company in the field of servers and hosting services on the internet



1st Hosting company in the region

Dimofinf company is the first hosting company in the region due to its clients’ trust and the quality of services it provides. The largest portion of hosts in the region use Dimofinf for their websites according to the statistics on the website ‘webhosting.info’.



Our Clients

Over 30,000 clients benefit from Dimofinf services, and our clients vary widely to include governmental entities, business corporations and individuals in the field of Information technology with regards to programming, hosting, domains and server solutions.



Content management programs

Dimofinf CMS is the best content management system available for websites which makes it much easier and quicker for website administrators to manage their websites. Dimofinf CMS is used by thousands of large websites on the internet due to the numerous advantages that allow the clients to control and manage their websites easily and without the need for more programs.


Authorized company

Dimofinf is a registered company under commercial register no. 1010213247. Dimofinf is authorized from CITC to offer communication and technical solutions, designing and hosting websites and e-marketing.


After-sales service

We care deeply about our clients' satisfaction, thus we offer the best after-sales technical services and support 24/7/365 to solve any problem they might face as soon as possible whether with regards to hosting or server solutions.


Partners to the largest data center

Dimofinf servers are located at the largest Data Center in Europe ( Leaseweb ), making us the only Authorized Arab partner in the Middle East and that is why we are offering you the best rates and hosting service quality.