Domains Registration

Registering domains and searching for a domain are the first steps towards creating a website on the internet and Dimofinf provides its clients with all domains and extensions as there are 100 different domain extensions a client can choose from.


Searching or looking for a domain is the first step a client should consider when creating a website and the client is ought to invest enough time in choosing a suitable that incarnates the website concept / idea easily.

Domain checker


Service benefits

Top reasons to register a domain through Dimofinf:
Technically advanced control panel with high-security levels
Email alerts reminding you to renew your domain before the expiry date of your domain
An Arabic control panel and a complete array of documentation (tutorials) explaining how to operate it
The outstanding reputation of Dimofinf across the Arab world and the Middle East which reflects trustworthiness and confidence
A full range of domain-related services
Domain can be renewed for up to 10 years
A domain name search engine that displays all TLDs including the official Saudi one (.sa)

Dimofinf provides domain registration services with the best rates in the market, we offer the lowest prices compared to our competitors.
The prices start from $8.00 to register a domain 
It is not necessary to host your domain on one of our spaces. So, your domain can be registered through us and hosted through another company.

An Advanced Domain Control Panel

Dimofinf provides an advanced mechanism to manage your domain through the client’s panel, so the client is enabled to:
Edit the servers’ names
Auto-renew the domains
Register the Name Server
Renew the domain at any time
Edit the details of the domain owner
Edit the information on the Name Server
Redirect the e-mail
Get your EPP authorization Code
Transfer your domain to Dimofinf from any other company

Dimofinf provides complete array of documentation Click here explaining the benefits and the operating instructions of each of those features.

Domain Name Search and Transfer

Advanced domain name checker:
An advanced tool to check the availability of the desired domain name; a list will display the TLDs available for the domain. Our advanced checker also enables you to look for a maximum of 20 domains at once.

Transfer from/to Dimofinf:
According to the policies of domain name companies, Dimofinf is committed to transfer the client’s domain name to another company whenever he wants to. This is made easy by providing the client with the requested EPP code, by sending it to his email, so he will be able to follow-up the transfer process himself through the links he will receive.

In case the client would like to transfer his domain name from another company to Dimofinf, the following conditions must be met:

1. At least 60 days are left before the domain name expires
2. Your email must be the one you used to register your domain as it is where you will receive the authorization request
3. You must provide us with the “auth code” (the authorization code for your domain) that you can get from the current domain registrar
4. Your domain name must be unlocked
5. If an ID Protect exists, it must be disabled

Dimofinf provides detailed instructions explaining how to request a domain name transfer Click here, so it will be easy for you to process the request.