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Dns Cluster

Unlimited Space

Unlimited Traffic

Free Cdn Cloudflare

Unlimited Email Accounts

Free Backup Internal & External

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

With High Performance
More Servers Variety & Customize
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Advanced Remote backup
  • Easy-to-use
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  • Database Management System
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Check your domain

Selecting a domain name is the first step to creating your website. Thus, Dimofinf provides all the necessary tools for its clients; it offers over a fifteen TLDs (Top-level domains/extensions) to choose from. The domain name identifies your website and it gives the first impression about it, so take your time to make the best choice.

Why Dimofinf?

Dimofinf has been an authorized, registered company since 1998. It includes a team of the highest level at your service. We're constantly developing our services to better serve our clients, we offer competitive prices when it comes to web services such as hosting, servers, domains and content management systems and we also offer the best after-sales service, in addition to, the strength, safety and efficiency of the Dimofinf network.

A registered entity

Dimofinf has been working in this field since 1998 and has always provided hosting and servers services in the highest and best technologies available and is considered the leading entity in the field of web hosting and servers on the internet.

Experienced Team

We carefully select our team and we always choose the field elite, that's why Dimofinf has the best integrated and cooperative team to offer the best web services for website owners and best solutions for servers, hosting and content management systems problems.

Continuous Development

Dimofinf always seeks constant development and that is our aim and purpose prior to anything else. We strongly believe that if it wasn't for constant development, we wouldn't have excelled through the past years and we wouldn't have gotten your satisfaction and trust.

Network Security and Stability

Network security, safety and stability are non-negotiable in Dimofinf. Dimofinf technical team is always obsessed with security and is constantly.

After Sales Services

We care deeply for constant technical support and after-sales services 24 hours, 7 days a week around the year; 24/7/365, in addition to, following up on our clients to always offer the best service, prompt responses and problem resolution in the shortest time span possible.

Competitive Prices

In Dimofinf, we continuously seek the satisfaction of the majority of our clients, thus building a strong bridge of connection between us and our clients and we are always keen on that our client keeps using our services and not only a one time purchase. That's why we always offer our clients the best hosting, servers and internet services prices.

Our popular products

Unlimited web hosting

Shared Hosting

4.5$ Monthly

Unlimited web space/traffic

Unlimited domains/parked/add-ons

Unlimited FTP/E-mail accounts

On-site/Off-site Backup (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

cPanel control panel for management

More than 200 PHP/MySQL scripts ready to install

Fast support 24/7/365

Stable and secured infrastructure

Subscription for 12 Months

Dimofinf CMS License

Dimofinf CMS

160.00$ One Time

Owned license, therefore you can use the Software on your website for a lifetime.

An upgrade license that will enable you to upgrade the software to any newer versions for free for one year, you can then optionally renew this license.

Warranty and free technical support for 3 months (this service will be added automatically to your order).

Intel Xeon D-1531

Dedicated servers

149.00$ Monthly

Processor: Intel Xeon D-1531

RAM: 32 GB

HDD: 2x 250 GB SSD

IP: 1

Uplink Port: 1 Gbit/sec

Traffic: unlimited

Cloud - Starter

Cloud Servers

Starting from 75.00$ Monthly

CPU : 2Core


Disk Space : 60GB

Traffic: 6000GB

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