Backup Service

Dimofinf Backup is the best way for you to save and backup your server data and files. After you connect your website to the service, you can fully control restore points and you can restore any data you require. Dimofinf offers you several backup service plans.


Dimofinf provides Dimofinf Backup service service (Advanced Remote backup ) in one of the following :

Backup plans

A backup of your server files and databases is done according to the backup plan you choose; you can make a choice according to the amount of data you want to backup from your server whether it is hosted by us or at any other data center in the world.

Recommended for :

Clients who have one server and who are looking for little space with a low cost.

Backup servers

A backup server is a server solely used by one client for backup and the client has full control over using the entire server capacity and space. This is most suitable for hosting service providers and clients with huge amounts of data on one or more servers.

Recommended for :

Clients with several dedicated servers, 5 or more servers
Clients who are looking for using this service commercially as they may divide the server into spaces and backup plans for his dedicated servers clients commercially.


Dimofinf Backup Service Features

Dimofinf Backup service system is equipped with several features. That's why it's considered one of the best backup solutions for your data and your users' data.
Dimofinf Backup service in brief:
It supports several operating systems like Microsoft Windows/ Windows server and different Linux/GNU distributions like RedHat and CentOS.
It has many features like: MySQL server support, encryption, backup scheduling, web control interface, support for control panels like cPanel and Plesk.
The system is divided into a network of servers: each server does its assigned task to make the operation stronger and more stable- check the graph.

The Dimofinf Backup service system can operate both as a server and as a client. Therefore it can support multiple systems.
The client's backup program is installed on the server that gets backed up to our server. The reason is:
  + to increase control over the backup process.
  + the way a backup is made.
The client's backup program works on several releases of several operating systems.
Please check the table below to know the supported releases.

Microsoft Windows OS:

OS version 32 Bit 64 Bit
Windows XP SP2+ y y
Windows Server 2003 SP2+ y y
Windows Vista y y
Windows Server 2008 y y
Windows Server 2008 R2 y y
Windows 7 y y

GNU/Linux OS:

OS version 32 Bit 64 Bit
Most 2.4 and 2.6 linux kernels y y
Redhat Enterprise linux y y
CentOS and CentOS-Plus y y
Debian y y
Fedora y y
Ubuntu y y

Dimofinf Backup service system supports a group of the virtualization technologies.

   Citrix XenServer
   OpenVZ on container level not vm level

Dimofinf Backup service provides support for the most famous control panels, like cPanel and plesk. This allows yours clients to do the following:
▪ Automatic access into Dimofinf Backup service GUI panel using the control panel's user data. *
▪ The client can restore files without asking assistance from the technical support team. **

That way you'll spare your clients and your technical support team the time and effort.

   Dimofinf Backup service supports the following control panels:

cPanel Plesk , Ensim , DirectAdmin


Automatic restoration: It allows the users of the aforementioned panels to access Dimofinf Backup serviceGUI and browse their files. Then they can specify the files which they want to restore, and specify the location to where they will be restored, regardless if it was the original location or a different one.

   User restriction:

Users of control panels are restricted to their site's folder. They can't view other users' files.

   Ease of use:

Dimofinf Backup service provides a control panel GUI that works via the web. It provides management for the backup and restore operations.

We at Dimofinf have made security one of our main priorities:
- We've secured the data.
- We've maintained a high security standard to ensure the stability of our services and our clients' data.

Dimofinf Backup service, one of Dimofinf's projects, is moving on that track.

Secure data center:
All of our servers work inside one of several data centers distributed in some of the American states:
- Dallas
- Los Angeles
- Chicago

All servers work inside a data center that is totally equipped to operate Internet servers. The data center contains:
- All security tools.
- Temperature control.
- High Internet speeds.
- Servers and data center monitoring using specialized cameras.

Secure network:
All Dimofinf servers operate on a network equipped with Cisco equipment; like routers and switches and other equipment. It is constantly maintained and monitored remotely all year long.

Monitoring servers:
All Dimofinf servers are remotely monitored using the monitoring systems at Dimofinf. Each server and its services are monitored using specialized systems. Any emerging issue is directly handled by the operating systems engineers at Dimofinf.

Special protocol:
One of Dimofinf's features as a backup service is that it provides a special program that gets installed on the server that will be backed up. This program enables communication between the client's server and Dimofinf Backup servers. The client program uses a special protocol that doesn't overlap with other protocols like FTP or SFTP etc...

Connection encryption:
At DimofinfBS, we've provided strong methods to completely encrypt the connection during backup and restore operations between the client's server and DimofinfBS' servers. This blocks intruders when they try to hack the connection between the client's server and DimofinfBS' servers

Limited accessibility between the client's server and Dimofinf Backup  servers:
One of the strongest points that distinguishes Dimofinf Backup service from other backup services:
- Limited accessibility between the client's server and Dimofinf Backup  servers.
- No need to exchange passwords between the client's server and Dimofinf Backup servers to execute backup and restore operations.
- No way to harm any of the backups or harm the Dimofinf Backup server from any of the clients' servers.
- No way to access and view other clients' data.
- If a breach occurs from a client's server, there's no way it can harm the backups available at Dimofinf Backup service.

Users limited accessibility:
Dimofinf provides a mechanism to create users that can access Dimofinf Backup service GUI and control the available backups, modify the settings or execute restore operations. Each user has limited accessibility privileges that can be configured by the administrator or whoever is responsible for managing the backups. That way, you can provide your employees special memberships so that they can execute restore operations only when needed, or according to the granted privileges.

One of the tools available at Dimofinf Backup serviceis a web control interface.
This interface allows the client to do the following:
Complete control over preparing and timing backups.
Executing backup and restore operations and scheduling them easily.
Viewing all operations that have been executed or are being executed.

Sometimes you might urgently need to restore your files or one of them.

At Dimofinf Backup service, we've provided the following through a web interface:
Ability to browse files, folders and partitions that have been backed up.
Specify what to restore.
Restoring the files to their original location or to a different one.

This feature is available to control panels users. They can execute restore operations using this method.

General restore (or restore as a whole unit) is known as Bare-metal restore (BMR). It is the main component of the Dimofinf Backup service. (a backup is made for all of the partition or the hard disk. That way, it can be totally restored.)

One of the features requested by whoever wants to backup his data and servers is:
- Controlling when the backup is executed:
At Dimofinf, we have provided complete control over the time at which operations are executed. Just schedule the operation and let it run automatically on time!
Times for executing backups:
- Each second!
- Each hour
- Each day
- Each week
- Each month

And there are more features:
- Ability to specify a specific hour while you're modifying the scheduling options.
- Deactivate or activate a scheduled task.

In case of daily scheduled backups, don't you think you might someday want to rollback to yesterday's backup?
Restore points give you this feature. We've made it available in Dimofinf Backup service.

You can specify restore points for each schedule. For example:
You can schedule daily backups with restore points each 2 or 3 days.

Dimofinf Backup service is running with RAID-10 technology on all of our hard disks. RAID-10 provides high consistency along with high reading and writing speeds.

In Dimofinf Backup service, we provide high encryption using Blowfish Cipher and RSA keys along with a password. The following occurs:
All data on hard disks are encrypted - with optional compression.
Encryption occurs on the client's server.
Data is sent to Dimofinf Backup service server where it will be hosted.

That way, the data pass through the network in an encrypted, unviewable form. It gets completely encrypted on Dimofinf Backup service servers. There's no way to know its contents through Dimofinf server except for whoever has a privilege to access the server's account. He only will be able to access the data. When the restore is executed, the data also gets restored in a totally encrypted form and gets decrypted on the client's server.

Archived extraction enables you to extract a specific part of your data as a file or a group of files compressed as a TAR. You can download it to your machine after its compression completes. All of this is done easily through the DimofinfBS GUI.

Sometimes you might want to schedule restoring some files to a time when you're not available on the Internet.
Dimofinf Backup service provides a feature to specify files to be restored and the day and time of the restoration.

At Dimofinf Backup service, we provided the following through the DimofinfBS GUI:
Creating specific users.
Specifying the privileges of each user. You can specify if a user will be responsible for scheduling the backup or just the restore operation.

Dimofinf service is compliant with all security standards at PCI, HIPAA, GLBA,SOX. It provides the following:

1. High encryption.
2. Communication between the client and the servers through a special protocol and using special-purpose keys.
3. Providing a high level of security at critical times.
4. All operations are recorded in log files.
5. Modifying keys and passwords is done in compliance with some standards.
6. Ability to control users' privileges.
7. Clients' servers are protected with RSA keys. The service can't be manipulated from any other program.
8. General restore feature (Bare-metal) is completely compliant with the standards for restoration at critical times.

Dimofinf Backup service is the only solution in the middle east that provides:

Advanced solutions for MySQL databases backup.
Execution of restoration processes in critical situations.
Strategic platform to backup its MySQL server. It provides the best tools to execute backup and restore operations.

Dimofinf Backup service MySQL server features:

1. Archiving MySQL databases as files.
2. Support for MyISAM and InnoDB engines.
3. Ability to re-build MySQL Server with all the backed up databases in critical situations.
4. Complete control using a simple and easy to use DimofinfBS web interface.
5. Complete control over specifying the databases that should be backed up.
6. Complete restoration for a database or for just one table.
7. Restoring the database to its original location or to a different one.
8. Ability to overwrite a database if it already existed during the restoration process.
9. High backup speed.
10. Least possible overhead during backup and restore.


What is DimofinfBS top features?

Best way to manage unlimited servers.
Graphical user interface to control accounts.
Automatic backup with multiple timing/restore points.
Supports Control panels ( cPanel , Plesk ..etc ).
supports Data encryption .
User system with policy limits.
Support Backup and secured standards.
Support fully restore in disaster cases.

What is the Benefits from this service?

Companies and institutions.
Hosting services providers.
Huge sites ( Dedicated server or more )
Dedicated servers.
Virtual private servers.
Shared hosting.