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Site Title and Urls

Site Title and Urls

                To access these options follow the path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Title and Url

It contains many fields which are:

  • Site Title

This name will appear in the title of all pages.


  • URL of Your Dimofinf CMS

Type the whole url of your Dimofinf CMS directory in your site, this means including the “http://

For example:

But without adding the last ‘/’ after directory name


  • Temporary Directory

Its name is “temp”, located in the “public” directory in the ftp, you should change its permission to 777 to be able to use it.

Note: Make sure that there are no “/”after the directory name.


  • Your Domain

It means typing the site domain name without the “http://”, for example:


  • Script Name for Dimofinf Home Page

This option allows you to set the file name that represent the home page of Dimofinf CMS, the default is “index.php

You may want to change the home page file to another file or to change its name, in this case you should type the name in this field.


  • Site Email

The sending email address Dimofinf CMS will use.

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