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Do you provide backup service for my site?

Do you provide backup service for my site?

Securing site data and files is the sole responsibility of the customer, Dimofinf in not responsible for any data loss in any form, note that Dimofinf provides weekly backup only for the unlimited plan, and this backup runs automatically to weekly renew the files without any guarantee for files consistency as it is backed up in its original form as in the customer account., while databases are backed up daily, weekly and monthly.

Files Backup Schedule : 

- Every Tuesday , Monday - 6 Recovery Points

Note : The following file extensions are excluded from Backup : 

mp3, mp4, zip, rar, tar.gz, gz, wmv, wma, flv, rm, log, avi, wav, 3gp, mpeg, rmvb, mid, midi, amr

DataBase Backup Schedule : 

Internal Backup : Daily , Weekly , Monthly - 12 Recovery Points

Remote Backup using DimofinfBS ( 4AM - 10AM - 4PM - 10PM )

Remote Backup using DimofinfBS : Weekly - Every Monday - 2 Recovery Points

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