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Distributor starting

How to startup?

- General Concepts:

     1. Server: A high features central Processing Unit, hosted by Data Center in specific country in the global world, connected to a high speed internet wire to sign up, browse for hosted data or websites which contain.

     2. Data Center: Place where the Security, electricity, internet and technical support is provided to the servers.

     3. Hosting: Atmosphere cloud, make you able to set up your website to publish a certain service, opinion, or personal data.

     4. Domain: A website name you have to reserve it before setting up your website makes you able to access your website link. (EX:

     5. Customer management & Technical Support: Programmable script installed on your website to put you on the easy way to facility the process of publishing your products or services and communicating in an easy way with your customers


- Distributors Definition

    Distributors System designed to take care of Dimofinf style engagement between all groups and also to open the door to spread the concept of hosting a larger scale.

    In Dimofinf simplicity jointly program distributors, and then you get the discounts that fit the level of the number of plans you have.

How to own a customer?

- General Concept

  1. A website fit your image
  2. Dealing with credibility
  3. Clear communications and payments method inside your website
  4. Clear service agreement uploaded on your website 

This lead you to use marketing methods  like:

  • Publishing your subject inside the technical communities which are interested in.
  • Social media play a highly effective way to enhance your services as facebook and twitter.

If your budget allows you to the several way of marketing you can do it?

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook advertisement
  • Paid ad space in the front of interested websites


Also we’ve to provide suitable offers for a distributor site are as follows:

1 - Unlimited Hosting

2 - Domain Extensions one of your choice. Com,. Net,. Org

3 - Installation one of our scripts for the management of your site and your customers like (Whmcs or Hostbill) and adjust it’s setting after getting licensed version by you.


• Offer Amount: $ 50

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