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Helping functions which can be used in the blocks

      {function:alternate name="blockname" values="alt1,alt2"}

This function is used to swap values where it swaps values every time.


  • name (optional): used to assign a name for it and is useful when this function is called more than once within more than one block and it is preferred to assign a name for it.
  • values (mandatory): the values it will swap among separated by a comma.


{function:alternate values="alt1,alt2"}
{function:alternate name="row" values="one,two,three"}

      {function:calc values="1,5" sign="+"}

This function is used to perform mathematical operations on the values.


  •  sign (optional): the operation sign; '+' for addition, '-' for subtraction, '*' for multiplication and '/' for division.
  •  values (mandatory): the values the mathematical operations will be done on.


{function:calc values="1,5,8" sign="*"}

      {function:getpermalink file="news" args="action=s&id=1" default="false" outputfiletype="xml" caption="{caption}"}

This function returns the full URL to the form you specified in the Dimofinf settings and according to the parameters you passed for the function.

Parameters :

  • $file (mandatory): the file name for the URL.
  • $args (optional):the URL variables in the form of QUERY_STRING.
  • $outputfiletype (optional): this is the value for determining the URL extension. This is used if you want the file extension to be anything else other than '.php' which is the default. This function only works when shortened URLs are disabled.
  • $default (optional): the value 'boolean true/false' is used to force the function return the URL to its default form whether shortened URLs are activated or not.
  • $caption (optional):add text whether a content title or anything else to insert among the URLs. This works if the 'Shortened URLs followed by a title' is activated.


{function:getpermalink file="albums"}
{function:getpermalink file="news" args="action=s&id=1"}
{function:getpermalink file="news" args="action=s&id=1" outputfiletype="xml"}
{function:getpermalink file="news" args="action=s&id=1" default="true"}
{function:getpermalink file="news" args="action=s&id=1" caption="{caption}"


This function chooses a random color code.



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