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Editor functions

  • Dim_editor($area, $text ="", $rows = 26, $showresize = false, $dimcp = false, $editor_id = 0, $parent ="")

This function is used to call the Editor. It is executed within adding and editing pages.


$area (mandatory): the name of the 'textarea' box upon which the Editor will be applied.
      -  $text (optional): the text found in the Editor.  
      -  $rows (optional): the Editor height in horizontal rows.   
$showresize (optional): the value 'boolean true/false' is used to activate the enlarge
             and decrease Editor size feature.   
$dimcp (optional): the value 'boolean true/false' is set to 'true' if the Editor will appear on the
             DimCP control panel pages.
      -  $editor_id (optional): the Editor ID, this is assigned if there is more than one Editor on the same page  
      -  $parent (optional): the names of the main blocks under which the Editor template file calling
             line within the block is found.   


{* php buffer start *} require_once(DIR .'/include/functions_editor.php');
Dim_editor("description",htmlspecialchars_uni($row['description']), 15);
Dim_editor("text",'', 26, 1, 0, 1,"editors"); 
{* php buffer end *}

  • bbcodeparse($bbcode, $module ="", $tooltip = false)

This function is for bbcode codes processing within the text and transferring them to their original form


$bbcode (mandatory): the text to be processed.
      -  $module (optional): the module name without the letter 's' or the constant 'THIS_PRODUCT' which
             was explained further in the 'Creating a module' explanation. 
      -  $tooltip (optional): the value 'boolean true/false' is set to 'true' if the text is to be shown within 'tooltip'.
             When this parameter is activated, the symbols " and ' are changed so that they wouldn't cause any
             HTML errors when they are added in the 'tag attribute'.


{* php buffer start *} $desc bbcodeparse($row['description'], THIS_PRODUCT, true); 
{* php buffer end *}

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