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Activating and deactivating options

To control the 'Activating and deactivating options settings':

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Dimofinf settings' from the 'Settings' menu, then, choose 'Activating and deactivating options settings'.

The following settings options will appear to you:

• Activate Dimofinf CMS: this is where you can choose to activate or deactivate Dimofinf CMS and if you choose to deactivate it, a message will appear to the visitors showing that the website is closed.

• Dimofinf deactivation message: the message that will appear to visitors when the website is deactivated.

• Activate 'Online now' display: allows you to show or hide the 'Online now' block.

       - In case of activation:


       - In case of deactivation: the block won't be shown.

• Mailing list display activation: This allows visitors to subscribe to the mailing list and if this option is deactivated, the designated icon won't appear to the visitors.

• ِActivate search engine: activating and deactivating the website search engine.

Activate statistics display: activating and deactivating the display of the number of contents within modules, number of registered users and last registered user at the bottom of the website pages. 

ِActivate plugins: activating and deactivating plugins. 

Activate mod_rewrite: converts all PHP URLs to HTML URLs.

Activate short links: activating and deactivating the short links system; the mod_rewrite option must be activated first.

Activate short links followed by title: activating and deactivating short links followed by title; mod_rewrite and short links must be activated first.

Activate Cache system: Dimofinf provides you with a state-of-the art system for temporary storage allowing you extremely faster browsing. This option is recommended for hosting server relief. You can edit the 'Empty cache' period through scheduled tasks.

• Cache period: the allotted time before cache is deleted. This is given in minutes and it must be more than 4 minutes.

• Automatic newsletter: if this option is activated, a newsletter will be automatically sent to the mailing list when new content is added. We don't strongly recommend this.

• Activate publishing websites: activating and deactivating the publishing websites section on contents page. When this option is activated through the publishing websites settings, the publishing websites links will be displayed on the contents pages for visitors.

• Automatic 'Views' update: activating this option immediately updates the number of views after each new visit. If the website is too big, activating this option will consume a big part of the server.

• Updating the number of views per session: the number of views for a person will be calculated per session and not when the content page is updated.

• Activate abuse reports notifications: a notification email will be sent to the moderator email address about the violating post.

• Abuse reports notifications email: an email must be added in order to receive the notifications activated in the previous point.

• Activate contact us display: activation of the contact us form.

• Activate keywords: activating and deactivating keywords within content.

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