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Background Pictures

  • To add background Pictures to articles follow the path:

Backgrounds > Background Pictures > Add

Fill out the form with suitable data as follows:

  1. Title: The name of the background picture that will appear in the background pictures menu when adding an article.
  2. Picture: The picture you want to use as background, upload it from your machine

Then Press “Submit


  • To choose a background picture when adding an article follow the path:


Additional Moduless > Articles > List Sections > Add


You will find an option with name “Background Picture” besides it a drop down menu with all the uploaded images, choose the one you want, you can previewthe background by pressing “Menu” then choose the background.

Note that the image is repeated in both horizontal and vertical directions according to its dimensions.

Then press “Submit


  • To delete or edit background pictures follow the path:

Backgrounds > Backgrounds Pictures > List

All available images will be displayed and besides each one there are an “Edit” and “Delete” icons, choose the suitable icon.



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