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Adding Styles

Adding Styles

  • To add and enable a new style for Dimofinf CMS please follow these steps:

- Upload the whole style directory from your machine to styles directory, make sure you are uploading it in binary format.

- Give the directory and all included html files the writing permission 777 (or 755 for servers that use php-cgi system) to be able to edit it.

- To add the style to the program, from Dimofinf CMS control panel follow the path:

Styles & Blocks > Styles > Add

Fill out the form with suitable data as follows:

  1. Title: The name of the style that will be displayed in the control panel and in the site interface.
  2. Folder Name:  The style directory name, type the name of the style directory and make sure it is free of digits and punctuation marks.
  3. Page Width: Page width out of the whole viewable site width

For example: 1024 px, 90%

  1. Menu Side Width: Left menu width out of page width.

For example: 150 px, 20%

  1. Services Side Width: Services menu width out of page width.
  2. Home Center Width: Home center width out of page width.
  3. Content Width: Content width out of page width.
  4. Blocks Services Side Width: Blocks services side width out of page width.

- Press “Submit

With this you have successfully added the style to the list of available styles in your site.

  • To set the style as the default style for your site follow the path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Styles, Languages and Modules > Default Home Style

Choose the style name you want, and choose whether you want to set it as the default style or as one of the active styles in the site interface for the visitors to choose from.

  • To view, modify, delete or edit the styles follow the path:

Styles & Blocks > Styles > List

All the available styles will be displayed and besides each style there are 3 icons which are:

  1. Design: To view the style and modify it.
  2. Edit: To edit the style names and settings.
  3. Delete: To permanently delete the style.


  • To create a new template, follow the path:

Styles & Blocks > Styles > List

Press “Design” besides the style you want, at the page end you will find an option to create a new template, type the name then press “Submit” then type the template code.


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