Dimofinf CMS

Dimofinf version 4 is one of the best content management systems (CMS) around the world, and it’s the first Arabic content management system in Arab region. combining technology and the possibilities that help the user to manage the content of the website, build a magazine, newspaper, blog…. Etc.


Dimofinf4 CMS Features

Dimofinf v4.0.0

Dimofinf Advanced Content Management System (CMS)

Dimofinf CMS version 4 one of the best content management systems (CMS) around the world, it’s the first Arabic content management system in Arab region. 100% combines technology and the possibilities that help the user to manage the content of the website, its the best magazine content management to the manager of the websites,with its many advantages in the basic structure of the script (Dimofinf Core), and also for the existence of a special store for CMS is available by many plugins. 

▪ Content management system
▪ Colonies management system
▪ Layout Formation to design you website as u imagine
▪ Modules & Plugins system
▪ Email center
▪ Members & Accounts system
▪ Notification Center
▪ Members groups to determine permission for each member
▪ Members profile page
▪ Messaging system & Chatting 

Today, thousands of websites ’owners choose to use DimofinfCMS to benefit from the outstanding features it integrates and that enable them to manage their websites easily with no need for additional software.

Dimofinf CMS Core Features

With the new and improved version 4, no more worries when it comes to archiving your website.. The infrastructure upon which Dimofinf CMS v4 has been built easily allows the archiving of all your website contents, in addition to, directing search engines to certain contents and adding the keywords you desire to each content item, each separate module or the program as a whole. We've also made plugins available that, when added to the program, can make sitemaps to your website and send them to all known search engines which helps speed the archiving process and directs search engines on a much higher scale. Not only that, but we have also made sure that the main style for Dimofinf CMS v4 is compatible with all international standards for style compatibility with search engines.

Large websites that enjoy big amounts of contents have a lot of members who surf the website on daily basis and many of these members surf the same content and request it from the website. That's why Dimofinf CMS made the cache system available; this system works on saving data requested by members within an " html " file so that the data would be requested from these files instead of sending a request to the database server several times to ask for the same data. This feature is especially useful for the kind of website mentioned earlier and it provides more stability and higher speed to your website.

One of the perks that distinguish Dimofinf CMS v4 from many other programs is that we offer numerous options to the website owner who uses Dimofinf CMS v4 on his website, which allows him to view his website URLs in the form most suitable for him without any programming interference or any alteration to the well known file " htaccess ". To write the URLs in the form you see best, simply select the suitable choices in the URL settings.

The full membership system integrated in Dimofinf4 CMS kernel enables your website visitors to register on your website to allow them the usage of many features available on the website. The membership system is characterized by the availability of all fields filled by the visitor during the registration process; one of the most important fields included is the one that links the member's social media account like Twitter, Facebook … etc to his account on your website. The membership system also enjoys the membership groups system which allows you to set permissions according to your preference for each membership group on your website.

How can you set permissions for each member on your website? .. This is easily done through the "Membership groups system" provided to you by Dimofinf CMS so that you would be able to set permissions and assign them to everything on your website and allows you to assign moderators, administrators, writers and privileged members and setting certain permissions for writing, approving, editing, commenting, editing comments, editing features and viewing all forms of content.

Adding content, dropdown menus, URLs and blocks to view something specific any place on the program interface was something hard to execute without altering the style codes in Dimofinf CMS v3 or previous versions which pushed us to provide you with a full programming system that allows you to manage this process without altering the style codes and through the "Content management system" which enables you to view your content whether it is a page, a URL, a block for displaying video, an image, text or a ticker through your Dimofinf CMS v4 management board. This is a new, distinctive feature as it allows you to view the content you want in the form you are thinking about, in addition to, more features that could not be covered in just a few lines here.

Control your website display … this can be done though managing the location of your displayed content from the "Content management" feature whether the content is URLs, blocks, pages or tickers. It was inevitable to provide the "Colonies system" that is based on the "Template zones" system that provides you with many options for display positions such as, the header or the upper menu "Nav.Bar", the middle of the page, sides of homepages and inner pages or even the footer. This is offered to you through an inclusive system that displays to you all the possible locations for your content.

Have you ever tried designing mailing forms in the way you see best and with the fields you require from whoever is filling that form? .. This is by far one of the best features included in Dimofinf CMS. Dimofinf has revolutionized the old concept of mailing forms which included a bunch of stiff fields that could not be edited and where you weren't able to add the fields you want. Dimofinf has designed the "Mailing center" so that the website owner can have the ability to design forms he desires such as simple mailing forms or job application forms with all the desired fields, through Dimofinf CMS management board which allows you to create the fields you want from all the known programming fields and classify these fields into groups of your choice. It's more like creating a mean of communication between all your website users with just a few clicks.

One of the most distinctive features of Dimofinf4 CMS is the "Notification system" which informs you through a pop-up window on the Dimofinf CMS main page of everything happening on the website like newly added content to the sections you're following or additions made by members you're following. This helps the website administrator to follow up on what the moderators and administrators are doing on the website including addition and editing, in addition to, alerting you, as a website administrator, and your website members to anyone following you or commenting to any item of your content.

The SMS system enables you to send an SMS to any member you would like to communicate with on the website. This system also allows you to choose between whom you follow or who follows you through the additional plugin "Follow". Yet another distinguished addition that enables you to easily and promptly communicate with everyone or a group at the same time which sets apart the dynamics of Dimofinf CMS communication mechanism when compared to any other program available.

A member's profile displays the entire member's data and means of communication with him, it also displays all his posts and comments on the website in an attractive and separated way. It offers you endless possibilities and allows you to add whatever you want the visitors to see. The membership file offered to you by Dimofinf CMS is different from what any other program offers you as it is considered to be separated from the homepage and display pages in Dimofinf CMS which allows the member more space with regards to displaying his personal file with his picture and a certain background of his choice for his file. In other words, a member can build his own page on the website without exerting any effort.

It is crucially important for any website administrator to have the means to add new features to his website easily and without needing to consult experts in this area with that regard. Dimofinf wanted to make sure you had that by providing you with the new programming additions feature (Modules and plugins) which allows you as a website administrator to consider any new feature you want to add to the website as a whole or to a certain module on your website. You will not find that difficult to do, all you have to do is browse Dimofinf store and buy the addition you desire or just download it if it was free then easily install it to your website. And if you don't find what you're looking for in the Dimofinf store, Dimofinf allows the programming of custom programmed additions according to the clients' specifications. Why is this system distinguished? It allows you to activate, deactivate and update additions without losing any data. It is so easy, simple and up-to-date; so, don't miss the opportunity of trying this feature.

Dimofinf CMS styles system is designated by the fact that you can edit the form and structure of anything on your website through the styles files. What's even more important is that the new version of Dimofinf CMS styles or the styles that are dependent on the main style have an adaptation feature according to the device type and screen size where the website is displayed. Not only that, but Dimofinf has provided you with an entire system for building your website the way you see it through the new Layout display system.

What annoys website owners the most is the difficulty through which they can control the display on their websites because many alterations need to be done to the website style. Dimofinf had to find the inclusive programming solution for that problem, and it did, it is the Layout formation that allows you to shape your website the way you want, not the homepage only but all the inner pages as well. Is that all …?!! Of course not, in the new Version 4 of Dimofinf CMS, we have also allowed you to shape your website according to the device your visitor will use to surf your website whether it is a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone and you can also control what the visitor sees according to the used device. This feature saves you the trouble of programming and styles alterations or editing and doesn't require any experience in that field. That's why we called it "Your website as you imagined it" because you can truly display your website the way you want and without exerting any effort.

This feature permits you to save your website rights on all files uploaded to the contents of the website such as pictures, videos … etc, and Dimofinf CMS allows you to control the form of the watermark, its location and many, many more features that you can control.

Our priority and most efficient and detailed work was done on the security system for the program. We have provided several checking mechanisms in the program and we've also set many standards for security that the website owner can activate and set the features of according to his desire. We're doing so to reassure the website owner that his website is managed by a highly efficient program when it comes to security.

This system allows you to award points to your members for adding content on your website which makes the members who are keen on adding content to your website more popular and this encourages them to post more topics. These points can be used to award certain medals or other awards through additional plugins you will find at the store.

They are a type of connection between websites and search engines using Ping-o-Matic which is used to open communications between websites. For example, if you want to state your opinion with regards to another website, you can post that on your website and link it to that website and enable pingbacks, the owner of that website will then be notified that someone is mentioning his / her website.

This feature allows you to add icons and smileys to use on your website or for the members to use in comments and so forth. This feature also allows you to add the number and shapes you want, not only that, but we've also granted the website owner full control of that feature.

Publishing websites allow you to add social networks and other websites that permit you to publish topics on other websites and allow you to grant members the possibility of publishing your website contents on other websites easily and with just a click so that your website would have more interactivity and sharing with other social media websites.

Dimofinf languages system is considered one of the easiest language systems available because you can easily update or download languages from and to your website. You can also simply and easily update phrases, search for them and edit the language on your website. We have also separated the core language files of the program from all the other programming additions within the program which allows you to edit whatever you want whether in the program itself or any of the programming additions.