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Dimofinf version 4 is one of the best content management systems (CMS) around the world, and it’s the first Arabic content management system in Arab region. combining technology and the possibilities that help the user to manage the content of the website, build a magazine, newspaper, blog…. Etc.


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Members system

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Members groups

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C.M.S v4

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Dimofinf v4.0.0

Dimofinf Advanced Content Management System (CMS)

Dimofinf CMS is a web content management system that embodies the true meaning of dynamic portals that distinctively characterize advanced websites nowadays.

It uses a Database Management System (DBMS) which enables storing and retrieving data.
It runs on any server that supports PHP and MySQL, such as: Solaris, BSD, Linux, Windows and Mac.
It is programmed using PHP which makes it very quick and flexible.
It incorporates a control panel for the web administrator(s).
It is easy-to-use; no advanced technical skills are needed.
It incorporates high levels of security.

Today, thousands of websites owners choose to use DimofinfCMS to benefit from the outstanding features it integrates and that enable them to manage their websites easily with no need for additional software.

Comparison between dimofinf cms v4 core and other content management systems such as WordPress, joomla, Drupal and describe the efficiency of Dimofinf CMS Core Compared to other programs' core Which proves the strength and efficiency of Dimofinf CMS

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Colonies Manager - Limited
User - Usergroup Manager - Limited
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