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Why Dimofinf Cloud Rendring ?

Strong servers
Dimofinf works on providing several servers with different and strong specifications which are also regularly updated in accordance with the latest technologies as these servers are constantly checked and enhanced. We also took into account that all of our servers are hosted in Data centers that have strong communications network, in addition to, a safe and stable environment according to global standards.
Speedy performance
All software and hardware used in building the service infrastructure have been chosen accurately to reach highest standards of performance. Virtualization technology is also used in true sense of the word so that each client would be completely separated from other clients.
By using Dimofinf servers, you can save countless hours you will spend while waiting for your projects to be rendered. That’s because our servers which you can build based on your requirements, work according to standards higher than those needed for the different designing programs.
No more waiting
Dimofinf offers you the choice of the suitable time and date for activating the service based on your preference, unlike other service providers who don't set clear times for activating the service, depend on reservation priority and favor clients with premium memberships by executing their projects prior to other users.
Unlike many other service providers, Dimofinf offers you the service in a totally different aspect. You can now access the server where you will find all the required software already installed. All you have to do is adding your projects, which you would have already done and rendering it using the service. You can also prepare and edit all programs based on your needs. We also took into consideration choosing the latest and fastest visual means of remote controlling using the Remote Desktop protocol which is supported by numerous operating systems like (windows - Linux - Mac) and others virtually or TeamViewer and VNC optionally.
24/7 Technical support
Dimofinf has a strong and expert team and technical support; this is based on most of our clients' testimonials. We offer you 24/7 support, 365 days a year and we guarantee a response within less than 10 minutes.
Build your own requirements
The service was done in many different ways to meet the demands of different categories and you can choose between a selection of different packages and ask for them based on your needs like the processor type, required number of cores, number of hours and the time of receiving and activating the service. We also provide advanced solutions for companies and the possibility of rendering over several servers simultaneously.
Competitive prices
Dimofinf always works on providing the best services for the lowest prices thus making our services features and cost competing the local and international markets strongly.