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Why Dimofinf Hosting?

Faster Site Performance
We use dual web servers. Nginx as a front-end serve all the static content (Images, HTML, CSS, JS...etc), for static content nothing beats Nginx, so your data will always be available to visitors in no time, and Apache as a back-end to serve dynamic contents (PHP), so you still get the power of Apache with PHP dynamic pages.
Rock Solid Servers
Our servers built with modern hardware and powered by green energy. Stable and fast network based in Netherlands. Hardware always maintained with up-to-date software. We also put fewer accounts/sites on each server than other hosting providers.
FREE CDN (Powered by CloudFlare)
CloudFalre is a performance and security service offer to our customers on average, a website loads twice as fast, uses 60% less bandwidth, significantly more secure from bad requests/crawlers, saving your (traffic, RAM, CPU) which make your current site capacity bigger by 100% at least on a shared hosting account, by default CloudFlare cache all your static contents/files (Javascript, CSS, Images) and distribute them over 20 datacenters round the world. All this awesome things for free to you as a Dimofinf Shared hosting customer.
All our hosting servers monitored round the clock 24/7/365, and we fix asap any issue occurs to our servers.
Advanced Security Protection
We analyse all the traffic coming to your sites (using IDS technology) and filter out any bad requests before it can reach your sites. This security layer can detect and stop about 80% ~ 90% of hack/attack attempts.
Technical Support
24/7/365 Premium Support via ticketing system, ready to support you with any issue you facing with our hosting services. You'll receive our replay on your ticket in less than 10 minutes.
We offer free of charge daily, weekly and monthly on-site and off-site backup for each site hosted with us. Self-Service to resotre data from the backup (Ticketless!). Powered by DimofinfBS cloud backup service.
Free site Transfer
We offer free of charge transfer (migration) for all of your files, Databases and scripts for 1 site when you signup with us. You have only to check your site after migration is complete and make sure it is working!
1 Click Install software
We have more than 200 open-source software including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, MediaWiki and much more ready to install with simple click. No need to spend hours to learn how-to install and configure, just a click and you are ready to publish contents.
DNS Cluster
Clustered DNS system in US and Europe for fast DNS response.
Risk Free 30 Day Money Back
If you're not completely happy within 30 days from placing your order, contact us and request cancellation, you'll receive your money back.
Save Some Money
We offer competitive prices for the quality of hosting and the features that we provide.