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SSL Certificates
Secure Sockets Layer

Dimofinf offers SSL certificates (SSL is a protocol to enable secure transactions between web servers and web browsers) of different types, prices and features to suit the needs of your website(s).

 For Whom Is the Certificate Intended?

The certificate is intended for any website owner who would like to provide the utmost level of security to the website’s visitors. As a proof of security, the certificate will boost the visitors’ confidence in the website. It will enable the encryption of the data transmitted between your web server and the visitors’ web browsers to provide protection against any threat from a third party.

 The SSL Certificate Requirements

Your hosting account should have it's own ip and not a shared hosting ip, That means you should have a separate account with an ip assigned to it only, wherever you are on a shared hosting account, dedicated server, virtual private server (VPS). The certificate can be issued for one domain only:


That’s mean that if the certificate is issued for domain.com, it will only cover domain.com and not www.domain.com or sub.domain.com

Note: If you request the Certificate for
Then it will work on
Please make sure to consider the above-mentioned note before you submit your SSL request.

Please, click here to order a certificate.

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