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We are pleases in Dimofinf to provide our special offers for our valued customers, And we are always try to make our offers include all our services in order for every body to get benifit. Through this page you can review all our current special offers. As a new special offers will be continuously provided and will be announced in our homepage. So that our valued customers get notified for this offers in easy way and always follow our updates.

Some offers require many steps, So please read the details of offer accurately to get the service in easy and rapid way without the need of interfering of our customer service department.
Note: We are pleases to receive any questions or provide a help to get this offers whether through :

1- Submitting a ticket to customer service department.
2- Telephone call to customer service.
3- Live Help.

  Dimofinf CMS Reseller

It's reduced package for a group of DimofinfCMS license. You can have a commercially benefit by buying theses licenses to your customers. So the way is open to provide DimofinfCMS development,installing,Designing and provide the technical support to gain your customers trust.

If you a ( hosting , programming , design , development ) provider!
Or end user and have a relation with people have the desire to own a website.
Or working in a governmental entity or private sector and your work related to websites and it's create and manage.

  Offer details

Decreased package is advanced system and does't require any conditions. Any body or side can invest through this system, And benefit too from this system on the long term from providing installations, Development and design or contents management or installing templates and many other services you can provide to your customers. And not only distributing the software and end up!
This special offer contains buying a grouped of licenses at once with a decreased price as there is two types of subscriptions :

Silver Package
Purchasing 5 licenses at once .
Discount of $13.33 on every license.
Total price : $600.00

Gold package
Purchasing 10 licenses at once .
Discount of $26.66 on every license.
Total price : $1066.66

  How to order ?

You should accurately follow the order steps in order to correctly purchase service and get the discount of this offer

Order service :

1- Go to link "Add Funds" from the left menu or click here for directly reach.
2- A new page will open. I "Add money" field record the package cost according to the prices shown above ( $600 for silver packages , $1066.66 for gold package ).
3- Choose the payment method suites you in "Payment method" field.
4- Click on "Add Funds" below.
5- Now deposit the money to any of our bank accounts or a transfer using a credit card according to the payment method you choose. and submit new ticket to customer service department include the following :
1- Deposit confirmation info which appears in invoice in the last step.
2- The required package name.

Example :
Silver Package
Purchasing 5 licenses at once.

  Getting a discount coupon

After completing the above steps, You will get a ticket reply as they will confirm your deposit the do the following :

1- Adding money to your Dimofinf account balance.
2- You will get a dedicate discount coupon which you can use when ordering a license from your package.