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 DimofinfBS Overview

DimofinfBS project ( Dimofinf Backup Service ) established on 2010.
It's divided on balanced network systems with a strong options and features which serve Arabic hosting market and their customers.

DimofinfBS Project idea came since facing the problem of the lack of smart backup solutions in the middle east because of technical and economic factors. And it was an urgent case to provide those solutions. From this point Dimofinf staff started to implement a full search for this problem and the available solutions for it. And then start working on providing the suitable solutions to solve this problem.
It is here DimofinfBS project and product appeared. To provide the best solutions for backup for individuals and business category Annually.

 Backup Plans

DimofinfBS is provided on various ways ,Including Backup plans. It means that backup service which is exists on Dimofinf is hosting your server backup. So you can subscribe for only one server to any following backup plans according to your server usage. This is completely similar to the way to use shared hosting , But you are here use your dedicated space to host your server backup with a safe way which can not be reached with any other clients.

Backup plans are individually working : It means that every plan from backup plans is only used for one server.

Recommended for :
Who are searching for a little space with a little cost and has only one server.

You can contact customer service department if you wish to get a help from Dimofinf staff to determine which plans suite you.

 Backup servers

Backup servers are better than Backup plans because of the strong performance , more space And a lower cost compared to the bigger space.

Backup server is Dedicated servers is used for backup and is dedicated to one client , He has the ability to use all the servers resources . And it is the best solution for whom provide hosting services or whom have a huge size of data on one or multiple servers.

DimofinfBS features do not differ at all from the reseller and backup plans features. You needn't to manage your server, It's Dimofinf responsibility. As we are setup,maintain And monitor the server during the subscription period.

Recommended for :
Who have many Dedicated server , +5 servers
Who want to use this service in a commercial way , So dividing the server into spaces and backup plans to provide it to dedicated servers customers.

Backup servers cost don't include servers client licenses price . That's mean you will need to order a unique client license for every server you want to take a backup for.

You can contact customer service department if you wish to get a help from Dimofinf staff to determine which plans suite you.