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Explanations about Adding Moderators

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Photo Galleries Library,Articles Library,Cards Library,Mobile Library,News Library,Videos Library,Music Library,Downloads Library

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Explanations about addition of new pages

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Background pictures and background sounds

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Adding bookmarking site

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Light events, light news, sayings

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Programs that can be embedded in Dimofinf CMS

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Tutorials about general problems you can face while using Dimofinf CMS

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Smilies, awards and specifications

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Tutorials for how to install and update Dimofinf CMS

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E-center, guestbook, subscriptions, polls, banners

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Tutorials about languages and working with them

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Quizzes, occasions and events, press, new releases, interviews

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Articles about optimizing Dimofinf CMS performance

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Tutorials about the program needs and requirements on the server

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Explanations about the words banned and blocked IP and other protection settings

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Sitemap Generation and sent

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