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Can I exclude some files from being backed up - missing link
Can I link more than one server using only one backup plan
Can the sites hosted on the server control the backup
Does the service consume a lot of bandwidth
During the backup preparation, will the server resources be heavily used
How can I download a backup
How can I login to the backup control panel
How can I restore a database backup
How can I restore files backup
How can I schedule a backup
I used all my allowed storage space, will I be able to upgrade my plan
In case I reserved a server for backup purposes and I added MySQL add-on license
My server had been hacked, will the intruder be able to access the backup
My server is from another provider, can I use the service
What are the requirements for the service to run on my server
What are the supported control panels
What are the supported Operating Systems
What is included in your support
What is meant by Bare-Metal Restore (BMR)
What is meant by Recovery Points