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Can I add rDNS to my server?
Can I reinstall the operating system and use special kind of hard disk partitioning?
Can I upgrade my server allowed resources (CPU, RAM… etc.)?
Can I use my server to host video files, as a file storage center, or to provide broadcasting services?
Can I use my server to provide shared hosting services?
Can I use private Name Servers?
Do you provide RAID?
Do you provide tutorials for how to use the control panels you provide?
How many IPs do I receive with the server, can I request more?
How many sites I can host on a single server?
I have a server from another company, can I request a new server and transfer the data to you?
I want to restart the server, how can I do that?
Is there any control panel installed on my server that I can use to control the server?
What are the available operating systems?
What are the provided control panels?
What is my allowed bandwidth, can I upgrade it?
What is the difference between Default Management and Advanced Server Management?
What kind of hardware do you use?