Softaculous Usage


Softaculous Usage

Softaculous Definition:

It is a tool for Unlimited Hosting, allows the customer to install more than 200 scripts with a single click, from the control panel, noting that the tool has free scripts, and other scripts that should be licensed before you can use it (paid scripts).


  1. Login to the control panel (cPanel)

  2. From Software/Services block choose Softaculous

  1. In the left menu you will see scripts categories menu, choose the category you wants then choose the script you wants to install.

  2. Another menu will appear at the upper right corner of the page contains:

  • Overview: Information about the script.

  • Features: Script characteristics.

  • Screenshots: Still images of the script.

  • Ratings: Script rating.

  • Reviews: User reviews for the script.

  • Import: Importing the script from different path.

  • Install: Installing the script.

Script Installation:

  1. Press Install in the previous menu.

To complete main installation steps:

  1. Choose Protocol: Choose the required protocol

(If you have an installed SSL certificate choose https)

  1. Choose Domain: Choose the domain to install the script on.

  2. In Directory: Choose the required path.

For example: Type mybb to install in the path

  1. Database Name: The database that will be created to install the script on it.

Script Settings:

  1. Site Name: The name of the site.

  2. Board Name: Forum name.

  3. Board Email: Forum email.

  4. MySQL Database Prefix: Database prefix.

  5. Admin Username: Administrator username.

  6. Admin Password: Administrator password.

  7. Admin Email: Administrator email.

  8. Choose Language: Script installation language.

  9. Email installation details to: The email address the installation data will be sent to.

  10. Press Install

  1. Wait till installation complete, a message will appear showing that the script was installed successfully, and contains some information about the installation process.

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