Domains Additional Services


Domains Additional Services

Dimofinf added some special services for domains, you can access it by following this tutorial

1-Login to your Client Area

2-Choose My Domains from the left menu, as shown in the following image

3-A list of your domains will be displayed, press the View Details icon besides the domain you want to add services to, as shown in the following image

4-You will get a page with the domain details, move down to the end of the page and you will see “Special Services”, as shown in the following image

Press one of the buttons and you will reach the related products list

6-The Services Are:

  • First : Business Listing

It allows you to modify and personalizes your domain data, and add your domain to

Some of its features are:

-Brings more visitors to your website

-Listing in different search engines

-4 available templates to personalize your data,  also you can build your own

-You can manage one or multiple domains easily

-Personalized WHOIS data

  • Second: Hide Domain Data

It allows you to completely hide the domain owner data, and use instead of it fake data

  • Third: Special Domain Protection

It protects your domain from any stealing trials, and the domain can’t be transferred without requesting from the owner himself/herself


You can order any of the previous special services by pressing Order Now, as shown in the following image

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