Install COMODO SSL Certificate

    • Before attempting the installation of the security certificate, you need to make sure that the following requirements are met:

    -         Create an email on the website you would like to install the security certificate on provided that the account name is: [email protected] where is the domain name you will install the certificate on.

    • The steps for installing the security certificate can be summarized as follows:
      1.  Create a CSR from the cPanel
      2. Complete the request steps in the Client area
      3. Validate and approve the security certificate via the email you will receive after you complete the steps
      4. Install the security certificate through the cPanel after acquiring the security certificate code CRT. 
  1. Creating CSR from the cPanel
    • Sign in to your website cPanel by following the steps of the next explanation:
-  Choose the page for generating CSR 

-  Fill in your website data as shown in the following picture making sure that all data is entered in the English language:

-  After entering your data, click 'Generate' as shown in the previous picture to generate CSR 

-  Keep the shadowed CSR code shown in the picture above as you will use it to complete the request and generate the certificate 

2. Completing the request steps via the Client area
- Sign in to the client area through the following link:
-  Click on 'Active services' 

-  Choose 'Emails'

-  Click on 'View messages' in front of 'Completing the Security Certificate Activation request'

-  Click on the request completion link:

- Fill in the request completion fields as shown in the following picture (N.B.: all data must be entered in solely the English language)

- Complete the required fields in English only then click 'next':

- Complete the activation steps as shown below by choosing the website admin email that you created through the cPanel before performing this step then click 'Next':

-By doing so, the request will have been finalized and a certificate validation email will be arriving to your website email  [email protected] where is your website domain name; for the website you would like to install the security certificate on. 


- After 2:10 minutes from finalizing your certificate request, you will receive an email validating your certificate:

- Click on the email heading and open it to display its content then click the validation link marked by the word 'here' underneath which there is the certificate validation code; copy this code in order to paste it for validation in the following step:

- After clicking on 'here', a new page will open, paste the code you copied from the previous page then 'Next':

- By pasting the code and clicking 'Next', the security certificate will have been validated. Please wait for the certificate to be issued. You will receive the security certificate email within the next 10 minutes to 12 hours (maximum):


4. Installing the security certificate through the cPanel after acquiring the security certificate code CRT
    - After completing the security certificate validation steps, you will receive an email containing the security certificate code and a compressed file that includes the CA Bundle as        well as the security certificate CRT file. The benefit of the CA Bundle code is not getting a warning in some browsers when surfing the website after installing the security              certificate. The security certificate installation process and adding the CA Bundle code are explained in the following steps:
   - Sign into your email to get the security certificate code:

- Click on the email heading to display its content and download the compressed file in the email:

- After you download the file, uncompress it to find a file named 'www_domain_tld.crt'; this has the security certificate code and it should be opened using a word processing program to get its content then return to the cPanel and log into the security certificate installation page.

- The last step we performed in the cPanel was generating the CSR and getting the code and by returning to the same page, you will find 'Return to SSL Manager' at the bottom of the page. Click on it to return to the SSL/TLS page: 

-  Then go to the security certificate installation page:

- Enter the security certificate code you got from the email then click 'Autofill by Certificate':

- Add the CA Bundle codes found in the files you downloaded from the email: 

-  You can do that by opening those files using a word processing program and placing the codes found inside them in the CA Bundle entry box on the security certificate installation page in the cPanel then click 'Install Certificate' after finishing:

- A message will appear informing you that the security certificate has been successfully installed and to be able to read the certificate correctly, you should click 'Ok' as shown below:

- By performing these steps, the security certificate will have been installed successfully on your website and you can test the installation by visiting this link:

and replacing 'domain.tld ' with your website domain. 
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