What is CloudFlare and how it works?

What is CloudFlare Service?

CloudFlare service helps protecting websites from the different attacks they face every day, it also accelerates the site to at least twice its regular speed. CloudFlare service analyze your site incoming traffic and auto block any suspicious traffic like flood attacks and others allowing only trusted traffic to enter your site, also the service – without the need for any code modification - auto distribute your site static contents such as Images and JavaScript files over more than 20 data centers around the world which allows you and your visitors to experience fast browsing at twice the regular speed at least, also it gives your site the ability to accept twice the number of visitors without having any problems or unresponsiveness, this is done through decreasing the number of requests sent to your site in Dimofinf servers. CloudFlare service is suitable for all Dimofinf hosted sites including Dimofinf CMS, forums and blogs. We in Dimofinf recommend all our unlimited hosting clients to enable the service through the control panel –cPanel- with single mouse click. Note that the service is offered completely free to Dimofinf clients.

CloudFlare Service Features:

By merging Dimofinf and CloudFlare services Dimofinf clients are now enjoy the following features:
  • CDN around the world: Your site static files such as Images, JavaScript and CSS are distributed over more than 20 data centers around the world, in case a visitor from London browse your site he will be auto linked to London data center, same for visitors from Washington, Cairo, Riyadh, Dubai …etc. they will be linked to their geographically nearest data center, which  allows you as a Dimofinf hosting client to accelerate your site browsing speed to the double at least, also this helps you to decrease your plan resources consumption by about 50%, which allows your site to serve more visitors without any problems.
  • Content Optimization: Auto optimizing your pages and compressing your contents for faster browsing and low response time when opening your pages, getting rid of the delay in opening pages with large scale Images or JavaScript code that needs time to be executed, optimize the pages for smart phones in a noticeable way.
  • Protection Against Attacks: CloudFlare service auto blocks the threats it knows, it analyze your site incoming traffic blocking suspicious traffic and allowing only trusted traffic, also it blocks spam spiders and viruses .
  • Statistics: Statistics updated every 24 hours, which shows the number of visitors, the number of views, the number of blocked threats ... and much more.
  • Applications: Different kinds of applications that helps in monitoring your site activity such as Google Analytics, Pingdom and others.

Dimofinf as an Official Partner for CloudFlare Company

Dimofinf as an official partner for CloudFlare this allows both companies to merge services, we in Dimofinf and with cooperation with CloudFlare merged their services in optimizing and accelerating websites together with our protection services and hosting servers, also we completely configured Dimofinf servers to work with CloudFlare without any problems, with this our client will enjoy both services without paying any more operational costs. Not this only but we also offer full technical support for the service (Exclusively for Dimofinf clients), also we offer up to 50% discounts on other CloudFlare paid services.

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