Dimofinf v3.0.0 patch 3 - 04-02-2014

Description: This security patch regarding the style exploit in dimcp/style.php

To apply this security patch to your website follow the following steps:

1. Download the patch (You will need to access your client area first). Security patch downloadable for Dimofinf CMS v3.0.0 active license only.   
2. Uncompress the file you downloaded.
3. You will notice then there are 1 file named "style.php".
4. FTP to your site using any FTP client. 
5. Upload and replace the previously mentioned file to the following path: /home/user/www/dimofinf-folder/dimcp

Note: If you've fresh installed Dimofinf CMS after 04/02/2014 then you don't have to apply this patch, as your copy already patched.
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