Developing the display of sticky news model A

How to install sticky news model A
- The first step is to upload the 'news.php' file within the 'modules' folder 

- The second step is to upload the 'jQuery' file under the name '' within the 'scripts' folder then unzip it

- The third step is to add the css codes from the 'css.text' file to the activated style 'style.css' file + upload the pictures files to the 'images' folder
- The fourth step is to access the 'index.htm' block within your activated style then search between the following codes and remove them

- The fifth step is to add codes from 'stick.text' file to the beginning of 'ccontent.htm' block 

Uploading files

Preferred settings:
1- Total number of important news: (5)
2- Sticky news, the maximum number of characters for a news brief at the top of the homepage or sections: (200)

You can control the dimensions of large and small sticky news pictures using their code:

Dimensions of small pictures
width="55" height="43"

Dimensions of large pictures
width="330" height="315"

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