Dimofinf program offers you a great 'Banners' system with numerous amazing features that are easy to control, giving you the ability to distribute the banners in the way you find more suitable. You can also choose to display the banner in one module only and hide it in other modules, in addition to, controlling the banner display time with state of the art potentials which save you the trouble of having to follow-up with the Ad duration as Dimofinf Advertising banners system offers you an automatic mechanism that hides the Ad as soon as the allotted time is over; this time can be set through the control panel.

How can you control your banners?

First: Adding: 


• Advertiser: The advertiser's name or the name you want to distinguish the banner by.
• Link: The URL which will be opened to the user on clicking the banner.
• File: This feature allows you to upload a picture from your computer but only the following extensions are accepted (GIF - JPG - SWF).
• Content file URL: If the banner has a direct URL, you can add it here instead of uploading it.
• HTML code: You can add HTML code to appear as the banner instead of a picture or a flash file and this can also include Java script codes.

• Meta-word: You can add a word/s that appear when the mouse is hovered over the banner as shown in the picture.

• Width: Specify the banner width in pixels.
• Height: Specify the banner height in pixels.
      ** The width and height must be specified for the banner to appear. If they are not added, the banner will not appear.

• Start date: The starting date for the banner to appear.
• End date: The ending date for the banner display.
• Is this a flash banner? Choose 'Yes' if the banner extension is (SWF).
• Order: This feature allows you to choose the order of banners display.
• Banner zone: You can choose the desired location from the dropdown menu.
• Show in home: If you choose 'No', the banner won't appear on the homepage. Choose this option if you want the banner to appear on a certain module only without appearing on other pages of the website.
• Module: Choose the module where you want the banner to appear.
• Display in module list: If you choose 'Yes', the banner will appear on all the chosen module pages.
• Section: If you want the banner to appear on certain sections of the module, you can choose these modules from the dropdown menu.

Click 'Submit'.

Second: Editing and deleting banners: 

- Edit: Allows you to edit the banner and its settings as shown in the following picture:

- Delete: Allows deleting the banner as shown in the following picture:

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