How to Transfer a Domain to Dimofinf

How to Transfer a Domain to Dimofinf

First: Transfer conditions

  1. At least there still 60 days until the domain expiry
  2. Your email address should be the one recorded in the current domain data, as you will receive a message in it requesting your approval for the transfer
  3. Provide us with auth code or EPP code of the domain, which you can get through the company reserved the domain
  4. The domain status should be Unlocked
  5. Privacy protection status should be Inactive

Second: Transfer Steps

  1. Login to your Client Area
  2. Choose " Domain Regestration " from the left menu, as shown in the following image
  3. Choose " Transfer Domain "., type the domain name in the specified field , choose its extension, and press Check Availability, as shown in the following image

  4. A new page will be displayed showing that the required domain is reserved and can be transferred, press Click to Continue , as shown in the following image
  5. The transfer request page will be displayed
  • Type in it the domain EPP code (you can get it from the current domain registrar, or the domain control panel, some examples of domain control panels can be found here
  • Please check the boxes besides the following settings:
  1. DNS Management (FREE!)
  2. Email Forwarding (FREE!)
  3. In case you want to hide the domain owner identity, check the box:

ID Protection ($8.00)

In case you want to link the domain to our hosting, leave the name servers as it is:

In case you want to link the domain to another hosting, you should set the name servers of your host, then press Click to Continue, as shown in the following image

6- A page will be displayed with what you ordered using the shopping cart, press Continue Shopping or Check Out to end your shopping and issue the invoice, as shown in the following image

7- After depositing the amount please open a ticket directed to our customer service department that includes your deposit data so we can follow your order


Third: Notes

  • Transfer request could take about 7 or 8 days maximum
  • In case the email of the domain owner was changed, the transfer can’t be requested before 60 days after the change.
  • Locked domain can’t be transferred (the domain must be unlocked before starting the transfer)
  • The domain can’t be transferred if the auth code (EPP Code) was wrong
  • In case the first domain transfer request failed for any reason, the amount will be refunded, and a new request “the second request” will be done without any additional administrative fees
  • In case the second domain transfer request failed, the transfer fees should be repaid to transfer the domain
  • The client can follow the domain transfer status from his/her client area

Client Area > My Domains

  • In case we will make the request and follow it, the additional administrative fees are: 13.33 USD


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