How to Login to the Control Panel

How to Login to the Control Panel?

Dimofinf care about providing best services, customer comfort, and using most advanced methods to provide hosting service, that’s why Dimofinf used on its servers the famous control panel cPanel.

cPanel characterized by its easiness, performance and high stability, cPanel designed to suit the needs of site owners, it has an easy and simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) to perform many tasks.

(Email - File management - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts management – Databases – site statistics… etc.)

When you reserve and activate your Dimofinf account you will receive the data in the following form:

Domain: The domain of your site.

Username: The control panel username.

Password: The control panel password.

How to login to the control panel (cPanel)?


  1. Using your web browser

Go to

Replace with your domain name

  1. Enter your username and password


Username: Your control panel username

Password: Your control panel password

  1. Press Login

You have successfully logged in to cPanel

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