Numbers and dates functions

  • DIM_date($format, $timestamp = TIMENOW, $doyestoday = false, $datemethod ="", $adjust = true, $gmdate = false)

This function is used to return the date in the desired form or according to the time and date form in the Dimofinf settings.


$format (mandatory): the desired time format.
      -  $timestamp (optional): time in the Time Stamp format.
      -  $doyestoday (optional): the value 'boolean true/false', when activated,
             the time format will be for example "Yesterday, 12pm" instead of the full time format.
      -  $datemethod (optional): used to control whether to display Hijri or Gregorian months names.
      -  $adjust (optional): the value 'boolean true/false', when activated, displays
             the date with respect to time differences.
      -  $gmdate (optional): the value 'boolean true/false' is used to display time in the form of GMT/UTC.


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