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Installing wysiwygpro

Installation steps:

  • To get your own copy of wysiwygpro module please login to your control panel in our site and follow these steps:

After you login with your email and password in the left menu labeled “New Links” you will see a link for Client Area choose it and follow the path:

Dimofinf Home > Client Area > My Services

Press the icon “View Details” besides “Dimofinf : License Owned

A new page will be displayed contains product details, the most important is

Download wysiwygpro

  • Download the file to your machine.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Upload the unzipped file to your site, place it in Dimofinf CMS directory.


wysiwygpro directory contains 2 directories

  1. wysiwygpro: Upload it to Dimofinf CMS directory
  2. contents:  And inside it “filemanager”, upload “filemanager” to “contents” directory in your site


You can upload wysiwygpro directory without unzipping it to Dimofinf CMS directory and unzip it using cPanel


  • Give permission 777 to “filemanager” directory and all the directories in it
  • Go to Dimofinf control panel and follow the path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Editor and BBcode Options

  • Enable wysiwygpro editor.
  • Review the editor’s other options.

With this you finished installing wysiwygpro module in your site.

Congratulations for installing the module and running it successfully.

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