Collective importing

The collective importing system allows you to import content by uploading it to the 'temp' folder and this works for the following modules; Album, Cards, Mobiles, Videos and Audios.

To import your content, you need to upload it to the following path '/contents/temp' so that the path would be 'contents/temp/namefolder'. 

Collective importing steps:

1. Sign in the Administration Control Panel.
2. From the modules menu, choose desired module then 'Display sections'.
3. Click on the 'Collective importing' icon in front of the desired section as shown in the picture:

The following template will appear:

Explaining the template in order:                                

Explaining the template in order:                                

1. Folder path name: The folder where you will import the content from. This was explained in the previous steps and pictures.

2. User: You can add the membership number you wish to add the content to and the name will appear as soon as you add the number. 'The registered and signed in membership/ID number will appear automatically'.

3. Section: It is the section where the content will appear; the one we chose during the sections display.

4. Title Prefix: If you add any words here, it will be the title for imported content. If you leave this field empty, the file name will be 'Content name'.

5. Automatic Serial Numbering: If you add a name in the 'Title prefix', a serial number will be added to this name at the end of each content item.  

6. Allow comments: Through this option you can allow or disallow visitors and members to comment on the content.

7. Status: This is where you can choose whether the content will be pending for approval or published; so, in order to display the content, choose 'published'.

8. Publishing date: This is where you can control the content publishing date which will also be displayed in the interface.

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