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Activating the Memcache for Dimofinf CMS

Memcache Definition:

It is one of the open source cache systems, it was programmed to use the server available memory as a memory cache. It is used by many large websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many more.

Working Mechanism:

Memcache stores the suitable data in the server temporary memory. The server then sends the data directly once requested instead of reprocess it whether the processing was page rendering or database query. This help in decreasing the bandwidth used by the application and accelerates its operation. This can be seen as instead of evaluating a complicated mathematical expression each time requested by the site visitor you give the visitor the answer directly from the cache.

To activate the Memcache, locate your ‘config.php’ which you can find inside the ‘include’ folder

Open the file in your preferred text editor and apply the following modifications:

  1. Clear the contents of line 111 (i.e. clear the ‘/*’)
  2. Then clear the contents of line 122 (i.e. clear the ‘*/’)

  1. The Memcache is considered an alternative for the Filecache, to disable the Filecache look for line number 100 which contains:

 $setting['Datastoreclass'] = 'DIM_Datastore_Filecache';


Add ‘//’ before it to disable it, as shown in the following image:

Change $setting['Datastoreprefix'] = ''; to website username to be : 

$setting['Datastoreprefix'] = 'username';

Then save the file.

 - You must upload the class_datastore.php file to the include directory

click here to download the file

Activating Dimofinf Cache:

To reach this option, follow the following path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Turn options on and off > Cache System Active

Choose ’Yes’ then press ‘Edit Settings’

In case you chose ‘Yes’ the system will temporary store the pages which will increase the browsing speed dramatically.

Note: In case you faced a RAM decrease you can deactivate the Memcache. 

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