What is Attracta and how it works ?


What is Attracta service?
Attracta is a software that provides SEO and Marketing services, it aims at improving the site rank in search engines, were the tools index all the site pages even the ones that can’t be accessed by regular spiders, then it automatically make an XML Sitemap and send it directly to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, this improves your page display in search engines and increases the Page Rank.
Attracta service introducing video

Attracta Service Features:
  • Improve indexing and Page Rank for the site in search engines
  • Generating Sitemap for the whole site and regularly send it to more than 100 search engines
  • Google Blacklist Check Feature: it ensures that your site is not listed in Google search engine as unsafe site that contains Viruses, Spyware or Malware so you can avoid blocking your pages from Google search results.
  • Get in Google Feature: It is the main feature in Attracta software, with one click using Attracta advanced spiders you will be able to create a detailed XML Sitemap  for your site that contains every page and every section of your site  and send it directly to search engines such as: Google, Bing, ASK and Yahoo.
  • Link Building Feature: It is one of the most famous methods for SEO, it creates links for certain site in other sites.
  • See Your New Listing Feature: Once you complete using the previous three features you will be able to directly notice the result of using Attracta software in search engines.
  • Applications Support: Attracta software supports applications installation in your site with a single click without the need for any code modifications, some of the supported applications are: Google webmasters, Google Analytics and SEO Toolbar and many other applications
  • Gaining profit from your website: Many applications are available which you can use to gain profit from your site for example: pay-per-click ads, these applications includes (Vigilink and AdDollars)

Dimofinf as an Official Partner for Attracta Company

Dimofinf as an official partner for Attracta this allow both companies to merge services, we in Dimofinf with cooperation with Attracta merged their services for improving indexing and marketing features with our SEO Hosting services, also we fully configured Dimofinf servers to work with Attracta without any problems, with this the client will enjoy both services without paying any extra money, not only that but we provide full technical support for the service (exclusively to Dimofinf clients).
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