Collective Importing

This property allows you to import large group of multimedia files (images, audios, videos or others) at once to the required section in the specific library.

  • Steps:
  1. Create a new directory on your machine‘s desktop and add to it all the files you want to upload.
  2. Upload the directory to “temp” directory in your site by ftp.


The directory must be uncompressed, if not, uncompress it before uploading it.

  1. Follow one of the following paths:

Additional Modules > Photo Galleries > Collective Importing

Additional Modules > Photo Galleries > List Sections > Press the last icon besides each section which is the “Collective Importing” icon

Fill out the form with import data as follows:

  1. Section: Choose from the drop menu the section name you want to import to.
  2. Title Prefix: A prefix for all the imported contents names.
  3. Automatic Serial Numbering: If checked the imported files will have ascending numbers besides the prefix starting from 1.

For example: If the prefix was “Test” the imported files will have the names: Test1, Test2, Test3 …etc.

  1. Allow Comments: This option will be applied to all the imported contents from this specific directory, if checked the visitors will be allowed to add comments.
  2. Directory Path Name: The name of the uploaded directory which you placed in “temp” directory.


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