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CloudFlare CDN

Content Delivery Network Service (CDN) from CloudFlare

CDN idea is based on distributing the data over many geographical locations around the world, when a visitor requests the data it is send to him/her from the nearest center according to the area and the geographical location, and so the connection and the loading will be fast and with high quality.

Regular CND working mechanism needs that the site and specifically the used script to support this technology, through the script the site files in uploaded to the CDN usually through a specific link such as cdn.domain.com, and it needs many settings to work efficiently, this besides its cost which exceeds thousands of dollars monthly in most cases depending on the storage space and the traffic used by the CDN service.

CloudFlare offers CDN using another concept, were CloudFlare and its CDN service in the middle between the original site server and the visitor, when a visitor connects to a website that have CloudFlare service he/she is actually connects first to CloudFlare network which determine the geographical location of the visitor and link the visitor to the nearest data center, then it requests the data (the visitor requested) from the site main server and store all the static data such as (CSS, JavaScript and Images) in its network, and distribute it over more than 20 data centers around the world, to be sent directly to the visitor or any other visitor in the next times through CloudFlare network and not the site main server, the site main server will be serving the dynamic pages only. So the site benefits from many things such as speed increase, decreasing the monthly traffic, decreasing the number of requests sent to the main server and this leads to maximizing the site visiting capacity.

It works with all websites without any coding modifications

You will not need any coding modifications to the script (whatever it was Dimofinf CMS, vBulletin, WordPress or Joomla) to link your site with CDN service, since the service is working by Proxy and the data passes through CloudFlare network which store it and whenever requested again it is served from CloudFlare network instead of requesting it again from your site main server.

Activated by default

Once you activate CloudFlare service on your site, CDN service is activated by default, as it is one of the main factors of CloudFlare services. Note that you can control the caching period for example, if your site is a download center it is preferred to set long caching period.

Fewer connections to your site main server

As CDN feature store the static files (such as CSS, JavaScript and Images) automatically in more than 20 data centers around the world this decreases the load and used traffic of your server. When a visitor enters your site there are two types of content requested for the page to be displayed, the static contents (such as CSS, JavaScript and Images) and dynamic contents (such as PHP) by activating the CloudFlare service the visitor is linked to the nearest data center according to geographical location and the static data is served to the visitor through the servers of CloudFlare as they have it cached and the dynamic content is requested from your site server at Dimofinf, this decreases the number of connections to your site hosting server and so the ability to accept larger number of visitors to your site.

Lower monthly traffic usage

As the static files are cached in CloudFlare servers in more than 20 data centers around the world, and since the static files is the largest source for traffic usage in any site, with CloudFlare CDN service you will save about 60% of your current site traffic usage which means less invoice.

High availability and distributed load

CloudFlare works on more than 20 data centers around the world, and in each data center there are hundreds of servers, which allow the service to be highly available and its load is distributed in the best possible way.


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