AutoMinify: twice minify script layer and CloudFlare layer

What is AutoMinify?

The minification process shrinks the size of JavaScript and CSS files, this is done through removing any code which is unnecessary for the execution and loading of the files such as removing the comments, empty spaces …etc., so the file size becomes smaller and it loads and executes faster. This is usually done by many methods, the site coder can make the file on minification basis or through using a built in tool in the same script that do this function for all the JS and CSS files of the script and the plugins … etc.

AutoMinify feature from CloudFlare do this function for all JavaScript, CSS and also HTML files, with CloudFlare it is not needed that your script supports such feature, also you don’t need to modify any code to enable this feature, all you have to do is activating the feature in CloudFlare and choose the files you want to minify.

The problem of repeating the minification process one time by the script and another time by CloudFlare

Some sites before enabling the “AutoMinify” feature apply the minification process to JS and CSS files through a special script plugin, and when they enabled the “AutoMinify” feature they faced problems in executing these files.

On the other side other people did the same and didn’t have any problems. The problem occurs in some special and rare cases. So if you faced such problem you have two choices either disable the minification in the script or disable it in CloudFlare. 

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