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DDoS attack help me! (I'm Under Attack!)

No problem the solution is here read carefully, Dimofinf and CloudFlare offer many solutions to defeat Denial of Service attacks and prevent it from stopping the server/site completely, Dimofinf servers monitoring systems determine the site that is currently under DoS attack and temporarily redirects the traffic to unknown destination till the end of the attack on the site, then it back to work automatically without the intervention of technical support. Ok, that’s good so other clients on the same server are not affected.

But this solution solves only half the problem, as it only protects other sites hosted on the same server, but the attacked site remains stopped till the end of the attack, so we immediately made an agreement with CloudFlare and signed the partnership with it to provide a solution for this problem, and the solution lies in “I’m Under Attack!” mode.

 How this mode works?

Once you activate the mode CloudFlare service starts to check every incoming connection to your site, if the connection was from a human visitor it is allowed to enter the site, if it was the attacker the connection is blocked, this is done only once for every visitor, the first time a visitor visits the site after activating the mode a page is displayed asking the visitor to wait for 5 seconds till he/she is redirected to the site, during these 5 seconds the connection and the computer is checked to see when was his/her last visit, what he/she did, and what pages he/she visited … etc., if everything is ok the visitor enters the site (you can see this idea as if you have guards standing in front of your site door, allowing only people who have tickets to enter the site)

It looks like you are thinking “what about the site indexing? The indexing will stop! My site will be dead and badly indexed!

Wait, this mode automatically detects the connections from search engines and allows it to enter.

In any case, it is not recommended to have this mode continuously activated, once the attack on your site ends deactivate the mode.

Activating I’m Under Attack Mode

Open the control panel of your attacked site, press the “CloudFlare” icon

Choose the attacked domain and press “Statistics and Settings” besides it

Set “CloudFlare security setting” field to “I’m Under Attack!”

Wait for less than 10 seconds and now visit your site, if you get the following page, this means that “I’m Under Attack!” mode is active.

To deactivate the “I’m Under Attack” mode, restore the “CloudFlare security setting” to its previous setting before activation


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