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Working with Templates

Working with Templates

  • To access styles templates follow the path:

Styles & Blocks > Styles > List

  • You will see a list of all the available styles names, choose the style you want to edit its templates then press “Design
  • You will get a drop down menu with all the available style templates choose the template you want to edit then press “Display
  • Do the modifications you want then press “Edit” to save the changes.

Below each template there are 2 icons:

  1. Edit: To save the modifications done to the template and approve it after change.
  2. Delete: To permanently delete the template.

In case this template was previously modified, another 3 icons will appear:

  1. View Previous: Display last saved version of the template in a new window so you can review and compare your modifications.
  2. View Default: Display the default version of the template before any changes in a new window so you can copy it and use it.
  3. Roll Back: It will restore the last saved version and approve it, not only display it.



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