Contents Wizard Plugin


Brief: this plugin is designed to create special blocks in different and dynamic forms that grab contents from modules to be displayed whenever on the website. The plugin has various blocks that help in displaying the contents differently and to be managed easily. As the block is developed, you can see the block form and adjustment while you are adding it, beside editing it without using the control panel.  


Firstly: Contents Wizard plugin settings: 

1-Log In to the control panel

2-From the setting list, select (Plugins settings) as the below picture: 

3-A list will show up, choose (Content Wizard settings) as shown below:


The below setting options will show up: 

-Enable Contents Wizard: activate or deactivate this plugin. 

-Maximum Contents Per Page: set the number of displayed contents per page, using the list in the plugins> content wizard> list block. 

-Maximum attachment file size in megabytes: manage the maximum size of the uploaded attachments. 

-Maximum Image Dimensions: any uploaded image will be automatically resized as per the uploaded photo. 

-Maximum Image Thumb Width & Height: it is a smaller image of the original one in order to be displayed on all pages except for the content one where the original image is displayed. This is for the seek of website speed. 

Noting that the ideal size is 75. 

Press (Edit Settings) to save. 


Secondly: to add a block, follow the below

From the control panel> select plugins>content wizard> then add new block as the below picture: 

The plugin default block will show up, select the required one, and fill the requested fields (belong to the contents you want to grab). Then press (Submit) to save the block and its settings, or (Reset) to re enter new date. 


Thirdly: to edit the block, follow the below: 

From the control panel> select plugins>content wizard> then list blocks as the below picture: 

The below picture will show up

-Edit Icon: is used to edit any block.

-Delete Icon: is used to delete the block.


Fourthly: to import the blocks, follow the below: 

From the control panel, select styles and layouts> styles> the export styles as the picture below: 

The below template will show up: 

In case you press (export), the compressed file is exported in the styles folder on the control panel, otherwise, if you press (download), the file is downloaded to your device. 


Fifthly: The plugin displaying method on the website: 

-To display the block on the website, follow the below: 

-By using the default layout, you can manage the block location and form to fit your website. As you can sit its height, width, and proper location. 

-You can as well edit the block by pressing the icon (edit block). 

Note: there are several other blocks that have different shapes and functions; from which you can choose the required block and edit it using the default layout. 

For more details about adding plugins and modules, click here 

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