Invitation Plugin


Brief: this plugin allows the members to invite their friends via email to register on the website.

Firstly: Invitation Plugin: 

1-Log In to the control panel

2-From the setting list, select (Plugins settings) as the below picture: 

3-A list will show up, choose (Invitation settings) as shown below: 

The below setting options will show up: 


-Enable invitations: to activate or deactivate the plugin. 

-Validity Period: set the number of days which after the validity of the invitation will be expired. 

-Invited Members' Usergroup: choose the users group to which the invited person will be added after registration. 

Press (Edit Settings) to save. 


To send an invitation, follow the below: 

From the home page> press the member name> edit profile> as shown below: 

Choose invitations, and press (send invitation), as the picture below: 


The below window will pop up to send an invitation whether via email or manual code that is used by the invited person: 

1- using email address: 

-Email address: enter the email that the invitation is sent to. 

-Message: enter a message to be shown to the invited person. 

Press (Send Invitation) to proceed. 

2- Manual (copy & paste): 


Press (Generate) and the code will be manually proceeded to be sent to the invited person. 


Thirdly: to change the maximum number of sent invitations, follow the below: 

From the control panel>user group manager>list> press the icon (edit) in front of the required group> then edit the number of invitations as the picture below: 



Press (Save) to keep changes. 

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