Currency Plugin


Brief: this plugin enables you to acknowledge the currencies prices and forign currency exchange rate moment by moment. Adding to the ability to exchange to multiple currencies at the same time depending on the plugin settings. 

First: Currency Settings: 

1-Log In to the control panel

2-From the setting list, select (Plugins settings) as the below picture: 

3-A list will show up, choose (Currency settings) as shown below: 

The below setting options will show up: 

-Enable Currencies: to activate or deactivate the plugin. 

-From: choose the currency that other currencies are exchanged to. 

-To: choose currencies that are exchanged to the previous one. 

-More: press this button to get more currencies. 

Press (Edit Settings) to save. 


Secondly: The plugin display method on the website

The currencies plugin block is displayed in its suitable location using the default layout, for more details about how to add blocks, click here 

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