Collective Importing


Brief: this feature makes it easier to upload a large number of videos with different extensions at the same time.

To import your content, they have to be uploaded in the following path: contents/temp/namefolder.

1- Login to the control panel. 

2- From the modules list, select (video module)> then (Collective importing) as shown in the below picture: 

The below template will show up: 

-Enter the uploaded folder name, then press  (display) and a list of all included videos will be shown.

Note: only folders with extensions such as (mp4-mov) will be shown, and others will be displayed with an error beside (not allowed folder extension). 

-Enter the username that will be shown on the website beside the folders on the website. 

-Select the section that you want to add videos to. 

-You can activate or deactivate comments on collectively imported  videos, and being displayed on the homepage as well. 

-Enter a new title of the content.

-Manage the contents order by using drag and drop technique. 

-Set the status of the imported videos and the publishing date. 

Press (Submit) to save videos and add them to the website. 

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